Our Kittens
Some of the kittens in October of 2013
Holly's very first litter in the 80s

Some of Andi and Bogie's babies in July
A litter of Sylvia's beauties in the 90s
Ernesto, Tasia and Bogart's son
Feeding time at the zoo!!!!!
​A couple of Andi's boys, bluepoint and sealpoint, 

       Designed by M.C. Desmond /BaliChaton 2006

BaliChaton    Balinese     Traditional   Cats
One of Andi and Bogie's boys from July
A train of babies in 1993, Katy & Sultan's litter and
                    Noel and Sidney IV's litter
Here is a pile of Lilac points from Clair and Barley at 4 weeks old
Updated October, 2019
Mishka and Sylvia's litter in 2000
Mary C. Desmond,  WA STATE
This is a "TYPICAL" Andi look - A Baby boy from Andi and Bogie
This is Wilson, Andi and Bogart's son
This is Micha, a 3 month old sealpoint girl of Andi and Bogie's last litter.
Lady Andrea, MOM of all!
Andi and Bogart's 1st litter.
First litter, Rambo.
Andi and Bogie's sealpoint boy