Our Kittens
A group of 6 kitties!!!
Holly's very first litter in the 80s

Jo Jo, my dog and HER baby kitties!!- LOVE!!
A litter of Sylvia's beauties in the 90s
Ernesto, Tasia and Bogart's son
Feeding time at the zoo!!!!!
​A couple of Andi's boys, bluepoint and sealpoint, 


       Designed by M.C. Desmond /BaliChaton 2006

BaliChaton    Balinese     Traditional   Cats
One of Andi and Bogie's boys from July
A train of babies in 1993, Katy & Sultan's litter and
                    Noel and Sidney IV's litter
​Here is a new bluepoint from Clair
Mishka and Sylvia's litter in 2000
Mary C. Desmond,  WA STATE
This is a "TYPICAL" Andi look - A Baby boy from Andi and Bogie
This is Wilson, Andi and Bogart's son
Lady Andrea, MOM of all!
Andi and Bogart's 1st litter.
First litter, Rambo.
Andi and Bogie's sealpoint boy

A litter of Clair and Karma's kittens at about 6 weeks old with Sassy supervising.