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I am VERY proud of my Balinese that have gone to their new homes and I would be pleased for you to see some of the pictures that I have been honored to receive from the new owners of the offspring over the years.
This is a picture of one of Katy and Beau's babies - Bill at 16.  May he rest in peace

    Mary C. Desmond, WA
Designed by M. C. Desmond, BaliChaton Balinese, 2006, 

This is Coquette and Sidney IV's boy, Sir Sidney
This is with Pearl and Greta - friends - from Annie and Bogie
 An adult picture of SKY   

We are VERY touched by this beautiful tribute to Pasha and Josie with this picture of Amalie by her "person"
We would like to give tribute to Dudley, Fantasia and Sylvia's son who is no longer with us at 14  

HotRod and his Sweet 16
Here is Remington at 9 1/2, Josie and Pasha's boy
3 generations of babies - Moe, Lou, and Max
A beautiful sealpoint boy, gone too early but will never be forgotten 
Pippa with her mommy
Indigo, Rhett, and Scarlett - all different parents.
Kona, Sidney and Noel's boy who has passed at 17
Ollie and Lulu
Jilly and "friend"

Jessa likes to look busy with her typewriter
Samantha, Celine and Lowell's little gal
Kiya, quite the lady of Desiree and Barley
Daphne's last picture at 18
Updated September
Bella and mommy
Xavi, Mishka and Desiree
This is a an older boy that LOVES to watch TV! ROCKY!!!
 A fairly new picture of Lulu and Ollie
Ollie, Desiree and Lowell
Lulu in April of 2015