BaliChaton Balinese Traditional Cats
Our kittens date back to the 1800s and have a long heritage from Siam to England to the United States.  I would be remiss not to add that Sylvia Holland was the promoter of the breed.  They are Siamese in nature but do not have that type of personality that a lot of folks think is undesirable but they were bred by Sylvia for the wonderful natures they have.  No kittens born in the 1960s or later have EVER been "cookie cutter" cats and all are VERY individual but extreme lovers and friends to all. 
This is Sylvia Holland, the promotor, with friends in 1968
Elcy Crouch and Suprise 
   Girl in the late 1960s
 We are proud of Holly's Mom, Kootara's Cleo
           Beaureguard was our much need 1st tom

Sultan was the MAN for 19 years!!!!!!
   Kamakatry's Coquette was a welcome addition
         Petitspaws Mishka of BaliChaton wonderful Boy - Much needed

        Sylvia, Lady Cathrine and   Sultan's girl
And the Rest Is BaliChaton History
Designed by Mary C. Desmond, BaliChaton Balinese,2006

Sidney was VERY special
  BaliBelle's Noel was a much needed outcross and Sidney's wife
 Mary C. Desmond,   Washington STATE

Nothing could be complete without Anastasia's contributions
Fantasia, Noel and Sidney's boy and Sylvia's husband
This is our Lady Millicent, Mom of Pasha and grandma to Holly II
Holly II, Pasha and Josie's girl and our Grandchampion,now retired
Lady Cathrine, Katy, Beau's wife and mom of Sidney
Tasia's Mom,BaliChaton's Jasmine
 Pasha father to Bogart, who has just passed on.
My Josie, Fantasia and Sylvia's daughter and and Pasha's wife, who retired at 12 and passed at 14
Celine and also retired at 12.
Our Sidney's Desiree daughter of Celine and Sidney who has just passed.
BaliChaton's Lowell  who is newly retired at 13, son of Mishka